Point Cook Fiesta

It was a beautiful Thursday evening, the sun setting and the weather just right. The light drizzle from the sky was just one aspect of the excitement that this day would bring. The bright, colourful environment represented the mood of many eager and enthusiastic children. This was the last weekend for a delightful carnival brought to Point Cook by the one and only; ‘A & A Reardon Amusements’.

Owner of the attraction Mr Adam Reardon, describes how the enchanting business has evolved over time. “We run the family carnival. We normally do agricultural shows and all that, but because the shows have moved to New South Wales and that, we’ve moved on to carnivals.”


Mr Reardon and his wife have been operating this exhilarating business for children for decades. “I’m in the fourth generation, my kids are in the fifth. We’ve been doing this a long time and we love it.”

The lively atmosphere of the carnival was created by the loud and exciting screams of children on rides such as the Kraken, the Sizzler and Dodgem cars. Along with the sweet taste of fairy floss and the energetic pop music. Not only did this event include young children, but it also brought out the child in every adult present.

Soon to be twenty-one, student Jacinta Evans was one of the many to enjoy and participate in the carnival rides. “This is the perfect place for a date, I think this is the best date ever. Our favourite ride so far has been the Kraken, it’s so bloody fast.” Said Miss Evans whilst jumping with joy and excitement. “We are definitely going into the jumping castle next. I think my boyfriend is embarrassed but I’m having too much fun to leave.”


The carnival is open from four PM to nine PM on Thursdays, Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays. Unfortunately, this was the last weekend for Point Cook. Ten year old Sally David, a beautiful bubbly child shares her experience with the dodgem cars. “It was scary but I won, I bumped into every car. I think I will be a good driver when I’m older.”

Although the drizzle started turning into rain, this did not stop the many enthusiastic ride lovers from continuing the fun. Twenty one year old Nikita Singh says she is upset that this is the last weekend for the A & A Reardon Amusement carnival in Point Cook. “I’m really sad, I discovered this carnival last weekend and just had to bring my friends here. It’s wonderful because my little brother loved this place, and now my grown-up adult friends love it just as much. If not, more.” Said Miss Singh whilst laughing and deciding which ride to go on next. “We will definitely be coming back if it happens again.”



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