Frank & Lola

A haunting and dangerously compelling love thriller

Ever wondered how far you would go for vengeance in order to protect the one you love?

Director of Frank & Lola Matthew Ross achieves suspense and surprise start to finish leaving the viewer to wonder and question the practicality of the relationship between love and morality. The director beautifully demonstrates the fragility of human condition and how vulnerable we can all be when in love. “It was inspired by a sort of personal story… it was pretty complicated and dark,” the director tells in an interview.

It begins like your typical love story- man and woman go on a date, have butterflies in their stomach and have passionate sex. You cannot help but fall in love with Frank (Michael Shannon) and Lola (Imogen Poots). Magnificently played by Michael Shannon, Frank is mysteriously charming and unpredictable.

The beauty of this movie is that the connection between Frank and Lola is very real. The love between them is raw. The emotion and passion between them almost makes you disregard the rotten and dangerous nature of their relationship. Their love is a sick love, but they are love-sick. It turns out to be anything but your typical love story.

Infidelity, betrayal, vengeance and love all meet simultaneously in this spine-chilling psychosexual thriller. Despite the melancholy that surrounds them, Frank and Lola are drawn to each other like two very flawed magnets.

The structure of this movie is such that there are no unnecessary scenes. It is to the point and keeps the viewer on edge every minute of it. The unpredictability of Frank and Lola’s actions is captivating and thought provoking. What makes this love story different is that it is not a good love, it is not a healthy love, yet you still cannot decide if you want Frank and Lola to be together or not.

Despite the cruel nature of the relationship damaging Frank and Lola psychologically and physically, their love is genuine and passionate. Matthew Ross hooks the viewer and leaves the ending open to interpretation, letting you decide the ending you want for the two incompatible but oh so compatible lovers.

This is a chilling story that does not simply end when the credits roll up. It stays with you long after watching it. Frank and Lola’s story lives on, and what happens next is up to you.



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