By Ayesha Sohail

We are partly defined by the company we keep. This is true because we adapt to our closest company’s lifestyle including their values and hobbies. These influence our own lives more than we may think. If your best friend is job-less and continuously voices that they see no point in working, it is going to effect the way you view your job.

Surround yourself with people who like to party every weekend and you will find yourself wasted with fewer brain cells every weekend. Surround yourself with people who like to eat for a living and you will eventually find yourself in a fat coma sitting on the couch contemplating your life. Surround yourself with motivated individuals who work hard each day to get somewhere, and you will find yourself doing the same. You get the picture.

So why is it that so many of us- the younger generation in particular keep the wrong company? With so much potential going to waste because of this need to conform with the society’s latest trend, there is a reduced focus on your future goals and dreams.

I am not saying don’t socialize. But learn to socialize, with the right crowd. If you can live the heavy party life and stay focused on your life goals then by all means, continue. But I guarantee you that by replacing your social peers with those more like yourself, you will learn to effortlessly balance your time and mental energy efficiently between your own personal life, and your social life, and you will progress towards your goals faster.

By simply surrounding yourself with people, or even one person who shares the same mentality about life that you do, you will learn to move forward in a simpler manner. If your friends or family members share a different perspective than you, that’s fine. I’m not saying they are holding you back, but they just cannot comprehend your way of thinking in a way that will provide the strongest motivation. And whilst the people who see the world through your lens will be motivation, they won’t be the strongest either.

In life you will come across a variety of people, and the way you manage these social interactions is crucial. In the end it is only yourself that can provide the strongest motivation for getting where you want to be. But it is essential to learn what type of social group you want to be associated with, and if this is difficult, then you need to find a way of keeping your individuality intact.

Socialize, but be well aware of each person around you and what kind of energy they bring in to your life. Experiment with all aspects of life, but remember your limits. At the end of the day, it is only you that completely grasps the value of your life ambitions, goals and dreams, remember that.


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