Oh My Bees!

Monash University’s forty three year old second year Fine Arts student and mother of two Samantha Barrow has been thinking about using Monash University’s building F as an installation for her final Arts assessment.

The Fine Arts students were required to choose a material, which they had to work with for the whole semester, and Ms Barrow picked bees wax.

“I’m working on the idea that this space is a bee hive of activity. I’m going to install a sculptural bee hive, to have the effect that you are inside a bee hive.” Said Ms Barrow. The arts student is planning to cover up the hexagons of the windows, as the hexagons refer to the shape of honey combs.

“I’ve got five weeks to plan out whether the sculpture is going to be something big, and if it is, then which materials will be required.” Said Ms Barrow.

12002076_10206498067264486_5674341172284384768_n 12049173_10206498067224485_6708925722535534271_n


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