Bowls Championship Feud

Winner of the Oakleigh Bowls championship, Geoffrey Blake has been banned from all future Victorian competitions by the Melbourne Bowling Club after Mr Blake turned his appreciation speech into a personal rivalry matter.

When expressing his gratitude for receiving the Victorian Bowls championship trophy, Mr Blake made a number of statements towards bowling championship runner up, Les Brady. “Les Brady has been claiming for years that he’s better than me… well, he’s not.” Said Mr Blake.

Mr Blake continued on to say that Les Brady is to blame for two nervous breakdowns, mental health problems, and problems with his wife. “I am still too upset by what Brady did to my life.”

John Winton, president of the Melbourne Bowling Club congratulated Mr Blake for his efforts in the Bowling club, however continued on to announce that the Melbourne Bowling Club is banning him from future competitions. “Receiving a trophy should be a day of celebration and of inspiring others to greater heights… Instead, this presentation has only served to fuel a private feud which has existed between you and Mr Brady for many years.” Said Mr Winton.

Mr Winton congratulated Mr Blake for his efforts, however expressed how inappropriate his appreciation speech was. “This ban is to take effect immediately.” Said Mr Winton.


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