The commencement of the 400-turbine wind farm

Hazelwood power station, located in Latrobe Valley will be instantly closed by the state government, as announced yesterday. The statement was released following the opening of the largest Australian wind farm in Werribee, the Balliang wind farm.

“The closure of Hazelwood is a step in the right direction and we are working with unions and key organisations to re-tool workers to skill them for jobs in this new carbon-free economy,” Says Energy Minister, Stacy Petros. In turn, a 400-turbine wind farm will be opened, in an attempt to reduce the state’s greenhouse gas emissions by eight percent per annum.

Regardless of 4,000 people protesting that the location of the wind farm is too close to their homes, the project will still be initiated. As a consequence of the commencement of the wind farm, electricity prices are predicted to increase. The closure of the Hazelwood Power station will result in the decrease of greenhouse gas emissions, however it will also result in many losing their jobs; increasing unemployment rates.

The Minister has claimed; “As the biggest greenhouse gas emitter in the country, it’s time we got serious about Hazelwood and this Government has undertaken the commitment to do so.”

The Victorian Government is aiming to achieve a carbon-neutral future, and the opening of this wind farm is a step closer to achieving that goal. This is going to deliver continuing work for over 200 people in Victoria’s fastest growing corridor.

The Minister claims, “Together, Victorians can lead the way and show our fellow Australians, and indeed the world, our commitment to a cleaner, greener world”.



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